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COVID-19: Amazon quietly changes ‘Buy Box’ algorithm boosting FBM sales

As many Amazon sellers know, the Amazon algorithm gives ‘Buy Box’ preference to items shipped using its own fulfillment network (FBA). Last Friday, that changed.

In an effort to cope with the receiving freeze, surges in demand and staff shortages, all resulting in longer ship times, Amazon changed it’s all-important ‘Buy Box’ algorithm to give preference to merchants who expect to be able to fill the order fastest. This marks the first time in history that Fulfilled-by-Merchant (FBM) sellers will have the opportunity to occupy the ‘Buy Box’ and the boost in sales that goes along with it. A truly momentous and welcome change. As explained in our previous post, FBM sellers can still list their products on the Amazon platform but have a Third-Party Logistics (3PL) provider fulfill their orders. It’s also worth pointing out that select 3PLs offer Prime badging too.

Last week’s news of Amazon’s receiving freeze came as a shock to most, but this update to their algorithm should provide sellers with more fulfillment options. There’s no indication of how long this change will last, but if you have the ability to act quickly, FBM may be for you. Added bonus: FBM sellers will see a significant cost savings on storage vs FBA (see our previous post for details).

If Amazon’s receiving freeze already had you worried and considering alternative fulfillment options, this should come as good news. Delegate your operations to a 3PL and reap the benefits of ‘Buy Box’ preference, Prime badging and cost savings. Reach out if we can help you find a reliable 3PL. Our service is free for shippers.


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