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Our mission is to help brands with warehousing and fulfillment needs find reliable logistics partners.

We created Supplied after learning firsthand just how difficult it is to find the right warehouse operator, someone you can trust with your product. We spent hours searching online and speaking to everyone in our network, but were left in the dark wondering how to distinguish the good from the bad. Websites are often misleading and do not necessarily reflect the service you’ll receive.

Out of this, Supplied was born. We tasked ourselves with identifying and partnering with the most reliable 3PLs.

After years of due diligence, visiting 3PLs across the US, we built a network of partners that meet the highest standards across multiple KPIs (order accuracy, shipping on-timeliness, staff expertise and responsiveness, technological advancement, etc). Today, we’re excited to share that network with you and help you find the right partner. Our service is free for brands.

We start by understanding your needs, then match them to our partners capabilities and send you free quotes to consider. We can be involved as much or as little as you want. Complete our form or give us a call to get started.


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